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Understanding Alcohol Addiction and How Ketamine Can Help Prevent Relapse

Alcohol addiction is deadly, we know this.  It does not just punish the addict, it punishes their family and society.  For those who find sobriety alone or with help from a detox program, staying sober is a lifelong challenge. Relapse occurs when one resumes drinking and is a detrimental problem that deserves more attention. Understanding some basics of alcohol addiction and how to help prevent relapse can be a bit complicated.  The next section on “choice” will summarize an article …
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Ketamine and Psychotherapy: Working Together

Photo Credit: Pixabay (Public Domain) Ketamine therapy is not just a passing fad in the treatment of depression, suicidal thoughts, PTSD and other mental health issues.  Each week continues to bring more studies to support the breakthrough use of this time-honored drug.  Ketamine has been in use over 50 years in emergency rooms, operating rooms and the battlefield.  It has the powerful ability to relieve pain and in larger doses, induce anesthesia. In very recent years scientists have discovered it …
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